Wrap Up – Term One Pick n Mix

As I wrap up writing this unit, which has challenged me further than a lot of other unit writing units in this course I am reflecting on what term one HSC Music 2 should be. I feel it should be a good mix of engaging class time, with relevant content, that doesn’t get to blinkered into the exam prep mode. Through a range of little composition, aural, musicology and performance activities the students gather the tools, raw materials and confidence to start focusing in on term 2 and 3.

Most of my previous units have been 100% project learning based, big, fat assignments that take all unit and are completely integrated – my last unit culminated in writing and performing a new jukebox musical complete with a sales pitch to the imaginary producing/creative team. This unit couldn’t be like that. I gave myself a little bit of theme besides just ‘Last 25 years’ but even that was not as prescriptive as it usually is.

HSC requires a different type of differentiation. Students are specialising into their favourite fields in music, Music 2 students are often incredibly advanced musicians and players with lots of prior knowledge. It becomes about extending them, setting highly personalised goals and providing plenty of options of inspiration. This is why my unit to me feels a little ‘pick n mix’, it’s not as natural to me as a perfectly crafted year 9 term project, but I think it ticks the boxes and is still at least a little interesting.


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