Keeping up with the Electives

The thing that has always intimidated me about the HSC Music program, is the range of different activities and learning plans that the individual students can be on. In a medium sized class you could still have not one instrument the same, and how do I as a performer (-singer-) guide and mentor the musicologists or composers? I have included in my unit time for each student in my class to have a one on one feedback session/meeting with my as the teacher once a fortnight (at least). I’m sure many teachers do this, I have a similar set up with my honours thesis supervisor. But how then do I as a teacher also keep in touch with the tutor/s of that student, and with the students individual work by themselves?

My solution is simple, make everyone talk together on the same platform in the same space. A google doc, coloured coded so we know who is who that tutor/s, teacher and student can open up, add too, explain and ask questions and get a clear overall picture of where that student is at in their HSC journey.

See my template for this document here.


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