Monday Morning Melodic Dictations?

When creating lessons I find it easiest to work from back to the front, what do I want to achieve in the lessons (or each section of lesson if I’m jumping around learning experiences). I hand write all my drafts and at the end of this process I fully expect to have a full pad of scrappy notes to sort through for the long and laborious task of fitting them into the templates. For the first lesson I planned, the opening lessons of my unit on the focus piece Revelations of Divine Love I used a technique that Jim Coyle used, which at a 9am class both frustrated me and engaged me. Leading into a piece through singing or dictating (or both!) a small section. This is relatively easy to do with a choral piece, though Boyd’s complex layered texture can make picking the clearest example out a little hard. I ended up deciding to go with a ‘benedicte’ phrase as much of the rest of the piece builds off that little idea.


My unit is now officially fleshed out and I have chosen to omit the last section of the topic, orchestral only compositions, as I feel it is too big a topic to justify squeezing that in in the last section. Also reading over the exemplar templates I was reminded that in term 1, ‘mid year’ examinations take place, so I have written these into my unit as opportunities for assessment and goals to work towards.



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