The Unit Taking Shape – Composition Scaffold

After a series of messy on paper brainstorms, lots of listening and a bit of googling/searching the library for scores and recordings I have come up with some of the extra music I will be including in my unit and a rough outline for the unit, particularly the composition scaffolding.

The pieces of music I hope to be including in my unit in addition to Anne Boyd’s Revelations of Divine Love at this stage are…

Pieces that will be focused on, and that I can get a full score and recording for…

  • Carl Vine – Symphony No. 6 for Chorus, Organ and Orchestra
  • Ross Edwards – Symphony No. 5 – Promised Land.
  • When David Heard – Eric Whitacre
  • One or two Australian Masses – depending on Christ Church St Laurence’s collection. Most likely Jewkes and Dudman.

Pieces that will be used to supplement the unit, but may not necessarily be able to procure a score…

  • Paul Stanhope- Fantasia on a theme by Vaughan Williams
  • Julian Callaghan – Stars

The unit at this point will use Anne Boyd’s Revelations of Divine Love as a starting point, briefly explore sacred choral music tradition, move into a harmonic analysis or modern choral writing, explore extended vocal technique and with it contemporary notation devices, and then link into pieces including both choral and orchestra and then maybe move onto just orchestral composition composed for or inspired by sacred texts/purpose.

As we as a class move through our analysis and other activities surrounding this repertoire the techniques will be identified, explored and put to use in composition activities that will provide draft material for the students core composition portfolio (and elective if applicable).


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