Music of the Last 25 Years – Making it cohesive

Now that I have decided to do Anne Boyd’s Revelations of Divine Love I needed to think of a unit ‘theme’ to fit around it, and what other music I am going to include to make an engaging and informative unit. I don’t want to be limited by just Australian Music of the Last 25 Years (Australian Focus) as I feel it’s important to look at the music that influenced the focus pieces, so I do plan on looking at music pre the 25 years bracket as a supplement to the topic.

I have also chosen to use a “subheading” topic – Religion and its use in Music Composition to create a more cohesive unit and a logical path through the unit.

Several options for music and direction came out of my first brainstorm session….

  • Linking in Fantasia on a Theme by Vaughan Williams – Stanhope w/ Vaughan Williams. Connecting vocal music to orchestra/instrumental music.
  • Gregorian Chant/Anglican Psalm traditions
  • Mass Music
  • Other Australian masses – Ask Professor Neil McEwan if I can have access to the Christ Church St Laurence Cathedral Music Library.
  • Buddhist music – liking with Anne Boyd’s other main musical influence


I also took a trip the Conservatorium Library, where I got Anne Boyd’s Revelations of Divine Love score and a recording, among a few other resources. These resources are…

Ngana – Australian Choral Music Kit by Stephen Leek – which explores contemporary (published 1998) music techniques through  analysis of works by Stanhope, Walker, Atherton, Leek, Orlovich, Reeves and Callaghan. This kit also comes with a CD recorded by The Australian Voices.

A Millennium of Choral Music – which is a kit for high school students and teachers examining compositional techniques of choral music from the 16th century Morley madrigal “Sing We and Chant it” to Leek’s 1994 SATB Ngana. This resource is brilliant, and would be a great stand-alone unit on choral writing for a younger stage, or even preliminary HSC year but as my topic is Australian Music of the Last 25 Years (Australian Focus) I will adapt sections for my own unit.

I also already owned an NCEA/Senior High School Resource Kit which includes resources for analysing Miriama Young’s music (I have already mentioned this in a previous blog post). This book, Just Like Us – Aspects of New Zealand Music by Hoskins, McKinnon, Meehan and Thomas (2011) also comes with a CD recording and a range of analysis strategies and starter questions for New Zealand music.


Hoskins, R., McKinnon, D., Meehan, N., & Thomas, A,. (2011). Just like us – aspects of New Zealand music. Wellington, NZ: Steele Roberts Publishers.

Leek, S. (1997). A millennium of choral composition. Indooroopilly, QLD: The Australian Voices.

Leek, S. (1998). Ngana – Australian choral music kit by Stephen Leek. Indooroopilly, QLD: The Australian Voices.


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