Choosing Repertoire for Students

“Propose 5 imaginary class students who play instruments other than your own. Suggest mandatory topic repertoire for each and explain what performance skills you would focus on to assess mastery of that repertoire.”

Instrument Approx. AMEB grade Repertoire Assess.
Piano Grade 6 Stephen Lalor Apropos Flying (2015) Tightness in two hand unison passages. Contrast between sections. Dynamic control.
Violin Grade 7 Blue Carnation: for solo violin Katherine Rawlings Intonation. Technical skills and articulation (bowing/picking and vibrato). Interpretation.
Flute AMus Phospheric variations : for flute and piano (2014) Rhythmic and metric accuracy. Ensemble awareness. Intonation.
Guitar (Acoustic) Self taught, grade 4/5. Lumeria – Guitar Solo Mario Genovese Technical skills (clarity of fingering and articulation). Intonation. Interpretation.
Percussion (Solo Marimba) Grade 8 Flash – Matthew Hindson Rhythmic and metric accuracy. Articulation – particularly accents and rolls.

I found this task a little difficult, particularly to find music that would best suit the less advanced students I have chosen. To choose these pieces I used the Australian Music Centre’s HSC Repertoire lists and through looking at the sample scores and listening to the audio clips choose a range of pieces to fit the topic. Where the year is in brackets it is denoting a specific version of the piece. I then looked at the unique features of these pieces to decide what I would assess.

When choosing the piece for the guitar students (grade 4/5) I chose Mario Genovese’s Lumeria as it has fingering/tab notation in addition to the traditional western notation, making it a perfect choice for a student who is self-taught and perhaps not as confident with notation.


Sample of Lumeria Score from

As I cannot possibly be an expert at all instruments that my students will play I would hope that all students completing HSC Music, especially HSC Music 2 would have access to lessons or at least a mentor. This means that in reality I hope that I wouldn’t have to be doing too much suggesting of performance pieces, though it has been good practice to source, choose and make assessment notes on this repertoire.


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