Choosing a focus piece – Professor Anne Boyd AM

“In preparing resources for the teaching of one of the works in your list you should consider the wide range of resources available to you (for example the many resources made by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s Meet the Music programme, or the Australian Music Centre), and use these as models to create your own resources.”

I have chosen Revelations of Divine Love by Professor Anne Boyd AM as my focus piece for this unit, and intend on using the resources available to me through the Conservatorium of Music library, Australian Music Centre (which I became a member of – only $40 for full time university students for the year) and if needed, emailing Professor Anne Boyd AM who works at the university.

This piece is described in the programme notes as being “concerned with meditation and relate to the deep purpose of my music which is to link Christian Love with Buddhist Silence” (1993). The piece will be an excellent model for composition with harmonic and structural features that will be relevant to instrumental writing as well as choral writing.

Boyd, A. (1993). Revelations of Divine Love. York, UK: University of York Music Press.


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