Senior Secondary – A new challenge

This semester’s big project is writing a unit for HSC Music 2, including 6 lessons plans, all the appropriate resources, and a few extra activities. Already this semester I have written a few full unit frameworks for various stages on various topics, and have done this multiple times now throughout my degree. I am feeling a lot more confident with unit and lesson planning than I did at the start of last year, so am not worried about that section of the task.

What I am worried about is how I will make this unit better than other units I’ve done in the past, including my junior secondary units. Especially as the higher level HSC Music 2 and extension curriculum is something I don’t feel very confident with, having not gone to school in NSW. My main goals are to create a unit of work that not only fulfils all the requirements of HSC and will help prepare students for their exams, but will also be engaging and encourage students to be musicians who look beyond the HSC examinations.


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