Presentation of Learning – Feeling Proud


Photo by Sonia Sze

Last night was the presentation of learning, a culmination of the hard work myself and my peers have put in this semester. Unfortunately as I came late (straight off a very bumpy flight from NZ) and then had computer problems (oh the irony of giving a presentation on coding but you can’t make the internet work…) so I didn’t get to see very many projects. I am very much looking forward to trawling the list of projects and blogs and seeing what everyone has gotten up to this semester both in tech and in composition. What I saw of the projects made me feel proud and privileged to be a part of the education degree at the con.

Australians (and perhaps even less, New Zealanders) don’t really like to talk up what they have achieved for fear of looking stuck up. However I feel like this is a more than reasonable opportunity to do a little talking up. This semester among numerous other non tech paper related achievements such as performances, successful lessons and thesis chapters I have taught myself how to code. Until last night I thought that skill maybe wouldn’t be transferable off EarSketch, but as I sat and read the code my friend Panni put up in his presentation I realised that I’ve learnt a new language. The skill of coding is, as I point out in my research, incredible valuable. I found it catered to my interests and strengths a lot more than I thought it would, and I wonder if I had been given a role model earlier if I would have been interested in my teenage years. Not only did I learn to code, but I’ve become a lot more comfortable composing, in many different genres including electronic music. I was also able to combine my love of writing and research and see that my project could have a life beyond my hopefully good grade and own ego. I hope that many people will view and engage with my project, and that I will get more opportunities to develop my skills.

Through this project, my blog and my twitter I have connected to many talented and interesting people. I had a school from Florida, US email me congratulating me on my project. I have been followed on twitter by @WomeninTechChat, @girlswhocodeshs and @flat_io and immensely enjoyed being a part of the platform.  Last night I confidently presented a technology and cause that I am excited about, and will continue to engage with in the future.

You can get to a list of my peers projects and blogs through my friend Sara Newin’s blog. You can also access the live stream videos of the presentation night. Mine can be found here. The rest can be found on the Sydney Conservatorium FB Page.




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