#AMVolume and Billy Elliot – A brief stay in NZ

This week I went home, and though a majority of my time was spent working on my tech project I got out of the house a few times and experienced some amazing things.

First up was a visit to the brand new ASB Waterfront Theatre, the new home of Auckland Theatre Company. I saw Billy Elliot, an fabulous, sparkly, joyous, devastating show about the importance of expressing yourself. If you haven’t seen the movie or the show I highly recommend it. I find it so incredibly moving, and it reminds why I do music and why I want to teach music and involve youth in musical and performance experience. I’m also a total sucker for anything that’ll make me cry, and my goodness does the end of the first act do that. Incredibly well choreographed, paired with the type of music you don’t expect tap and ballet to be danced to, and expressing some of the rawest emotions this scene is so hard hitting. Watch it yourself, but don’t blame me if you start bawling at  your desk, especially if you have been sleep deprived for the past semester.

The second exciting thing I got out to see was the Volume exhibition at the Auckland Museum. This was a walk through New Zealand music from the 2000s back to the 50s. You were given an “VIP all access pass” at the start of the experience and anywhere you could interact with, take photos, try your hand at mixing tracks, play instruments, dance along you could download these onto your pass by tapping and it was all sent to your email at the end of the process. As well as those individual fun resources there were Spotify playlists to collect and so much more interactive activities. It was a cool experience to have as a educator, as a new techy and as a New Zealand musician.

Check out the fun things I saved and have a listen to the spotify playlists here. 

See my photos and snapchats of the whole experience here. 


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