The Wrap Up – Did I learn anything?

So this week lectures finished, and James imparted his last words of wisdom (for this class at least) and now I am left with a terrifying long list of assignments, a count down to going on holiday and a chance to reflect on what I learnt.

So what did I learn? Well I learnt that technology can be amazing, distracting, fun, exciting, addictive, interactive and has forever changed the education game. When technology is used right it has immense power to be incredibly engaging, and I think that is the best thing about it. I realised this week that as long as I am the youngest teacher in my professional environment, I am the designated tech guru. I may not always advocate for technology in every area of my teaching, but my opinions and stance on technology will be influential on the educators around me, and therefore on the students. Having realised this changes my view on technology somewhat. I think a healthy dose of the enthusiastic cynic approach is important when it comes to my own practice, but in the larger environment of a school I want to embrace my title (be that official or unofficial) of tech guru. Through that “title” I may change another educators approach for the better.

I know when I come out of my degree I will continue to learn so much, and that a lot of my degree may not be put into practice straight away, if at all -who knows if I’ll ever teach year 7s to code? But I do know that doing this paper has given me something very valuable to share with my students and colleagues, and I look forward to sharing these skills in the future.


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