Facing the Class – Peer feedback

Today I had to present my draft to the class. I played them the following version from my MuseScore file and got some encouraging feedback and had a lot of people reiterate ideas I had already thought about but wasn’t sure. Slowing it down, and creating more movement in the parts were some of the ideas that were suggested.

James also asked me how I plan on recording it, and I said I would multitrack it. He suggested that I make a cheat score version with the click track (claves or another similar instrument) in it so that I can sing along to that in Ableton or Garage Band when I record it. I will definitely look into this. For now, please enjoy a very drafty draft….

(P.S this video was made on Stupeflix Video which is a free browser based video editor. I’m not sure if it is overly complex but it definitely quickly and easily served my purpose today)


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