Coding Fun – mastering the little skills one by one


Variables represent a number in mathematics. In a programming language, variables can represent almost anything, including numbers and clip names.

track = 1 creates a variable named “track,” using the assignment operator: =, to assign the number 1 to the variable name. If we wrote fitMedia(Y_11_BASS_1, track, 1, 5) in the same program, it would be interpreted as fitMedia(Y_11_BASS_1, 1, 1, 5). If we wanted our clip to be added to track 2 instead, we could simply type track = 2 above our fitMedia()call. Note that the assignment operator does NOT have the same meaning as “equals” in math; think of = as meaning “holds.” The variable name goes on the left of the assignment operator, and the value it holds goes on the right.


As you go through the curriculum each topic or skill is taught with an ‘assignment’. You can do these by downloading the provided example scripts to play around with the assignments.

As I am trying to fast track my learning a little I am working on my own script to use the techniques on my script. Today I mastered variables. I had actually overlooked this part of the curriculum last week, but I went back to have another explore of this technique.

It basically means you can set up the tracks you want with nicknames, making it easier and quicker to code in and move around.

For example where previously you would have to enter fitMedia(HIPHOP_BASSSUB_002, 1, 1, 3) every time you wanted to re add that bass line you can instead store that track name as bass1 and just run fitMedia(bass1, 1, 1, 3) instead.

This will definitely help me formulate and perform my live set/demonstration without getting too flustered.



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