The Maker Movement – robotics and fruit?

This lecture was the type of hands on, figure it out yourself lecture that makes an impact for weeks to come. We started off the lecture with figuring out how to build a little bits synth, filling out a worksheet on what each individual component did to the sound. We learnt a little about the types of waves and how the sound was actually being produced.

I found my ears were pretty good at discerning what was changing each time, but I feel like I’d need a lot more practice before I could create live, deliberate music. The little clip above was just playing around, but not really knowing what the exact effect would be. I feel like that is the real mark of a good DJ, really being able to hear the effects in your head before you do it, maybe a bit like sight reading?

Then we essentially got let loose on a few different maker stations. My favourite being the Arduino board section. This station completely fulfilled me creatively. I got to paint with electrical paint, hook these paintings up to the arduino board and trigger, by touching my paintings, the sounds. THIS BLEW MY MIND.


I’m not sure how much of this incredible technology I would be able to realistically use in the classroom, but if I ever do get the opportunity to combine with the robotics class, or take my class on an excursion to a maker station with this sort of technology I will definitely take it.

P.S The Maker Movement is a real thing, and if you want to get involved in it here in Sydney here is a list of maker movement locations commonly called – “makerspace”s


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