Transparency in the Composition Process – Thank you internet.



Find this draft and other information about the composition process of this piece here      Eric Whitacre, Deep Field Draft, retrieved on 2/10/16.

One of the reasons I love Eric Whitacre is not just for his music. I also love following his social media presence. His facebook page is often funny, or thought provoking. He genuinely interacts with his fans, replying to comments, posting memes that fans make of him, and sharing his experiences of creating music.

I remember seeing a sketch like this on his FB page quite a while ago now, and I have just found out that there is a mini blog series about the process he went through to compose ‘Deep Field’, which was inspired by the Hubble Telescope (which incidentally is another thing that I love. What is cooler than the pictures that telescope send back to Earth? Check it out now if you haven’t).

I think I will definitely put an exercise to create a timeline/sketch like this in my baby steps project. It adds an authenticity to the composing, and gives a great model to try out another way of thinking. To me, physically brainstorming stuff on paper makes a lot of sense and is a tool I use often (see my first post on this project), but the 2016 student may not have used that strategy a whole lot before. For me I am so hung up on not feeling like I have the right type of creativity to be a composer, so this sort of activity at least gives me somewhere to start that isn’t staring at a blank sibelius screen.



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