Coding Music? – Personal technology project

As part of this course this semester each student will be undertaking a personal digital project, exploring something in music technology that they are interested in.

During my first week on my prac I met with a member of the Education IT Pedagogy team (I’ve never heard of a school having a team like this, so I consider myself very lucky) and we had a chat about Girls Who Code. Having only recently learnt about this company started by Reshma Saujani (who I have have talked about in a previous blog post) I was excited to chat to someone who is actually involved in this. The conversation turned to music tech, and a program called EarSketch that this staff member had always wanted to use, but felt she didn’t have the music skills. I decided to explore this as a possibility for my tech project, promising that if I did it I would return and share my knowledge with her so she could incorporate it into her teaching.

Ear Sketch is a DAW that is controlled via coding (Python or JavaScript) and you follow a free course to learn how to use it. It is free and browser based. You can use a large library of loops, or create your own musical material to place in. I hope to be able to link this to my composition assignment and present my final piece created in this program.

For the presentation of learning I think a live demonstration would be very interesting, with me quickly building a small section of song in front of everyone.




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