Notation Software- An abundance of choices

Sibelius. Noteflight. Notate Me. Notation. MuseScore….

The list seems to go on forever, some free, some expensive, some innovative and some not so innovative. But which one to use? My big revelation of this weeks skills lecture on notation software was MusicXML files. It turns out that if the software supports the MusicXML file it kind of doesn’t matter if your student can’t afford to have Sibelius on their home computer but uses it in the computer labs at school.

However I was excited about several features of Sibelius so I have looked into the benefits and costs of downloading the education version. It is surprisingly cheap, $299 upfront and around $8 a month to subscribe. Two features I learnt about that I think are pretty amazing is the ability to export videos of the scores and to put your own recorded sounds into the Sibelius file itself. I can see some potential for using these features in the ideas I am currently throwing around for my digital creative project.

For now I will continue to use MuseScore on my own computer and Sibelius on the uni computers and the mac laptop my prac school is lending me for my time that I am with them, using the universal file to transfer between the two programs.


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