DAWs – Figuring this stuff out

Over the next few weeks, in preparation for a big creative digital project, we are learning various skills on all things music tech. This week the focus was DAW or Digital Audio Workstations, like Garage Band, Logic and Audacity. Although the class was a great opportunity to ask questions and learn from the tutor and my course colleagues I did feel it wasn’t as relevant to the program I use the most, Ableton Live. I use this program not because I have strong feelings about the best DAW but because it is what I have been given access to through the uni. If I had a choice I probably prefer to be working on Garage Band or Logic, but I use a windows platform.

When is comes to working with music technology there is a lot of be said for the informal learning approach of jump in and play around, figure it out yourself. That is definitely what I did to use Ableton to produce the following video as an assessment last semester.

There are still issues with the sound quality and editing that I look back on and want to change, but to solve the issues I came across as I worked I turned to friends, the official Ableton website and the Ableton Subreddit , an online community that I am spend time on for other interest like makeup and theatre. I will continue to use these resources around me. As I discussed in the previous blog post, I don’t as the teacher need to know everything. I just need to encourage inquiry and exploration, so the opportunity to develop these skills from the beginner perspective is invaluable to my teaching ability both practically and philosophically. Hopefully I’ll be able to produce better cheesy pop covers in the future too.


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